March 31, 2023

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Chastford offers cost-effective mail forwarding services

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Cost can mean everything to a customer, especially one whose finances are limited. But when it comes to mail and package forwarding services, Chastford makes it easy to select its company to handle those consumer needs.

The company offers customers a financially-attractive service plan for mail forwarding services that starts at $19.95 a month. And while that price is affordable, it’s the flexibility that comes with it that draws customers.

Flexible options

Customers don’t have to sign up for any long-term commitments to a service plan. They can pay each month for the service and cancel when they don’t need the service anymore.

And, as Chastford notes on its website at, customers, whether individuals or businesses, can tailor a service plan to fits their needs. All they have to do is call the company and ask for help.

Service includes packages being photographed and pictures uploaded to each account for customers to review and provide instructions on forwarding to company agents. And as soon forwarding instructions are in place, packages are processed for reshipping, typically in 48 hours.

Competitors costs

Other mail and package forwarding service providers have a variety of costs associated with their services.

At Borderlinx, which focuses on delivering packages, the price customers pay depends on several factors, including weight. In some cases, cost is also affected if packages have to be picked up by courier, have to clear customs or delivered by courier.

For example, Borderlinx points out on its website that a package weighing 1kg can cost $18.25 to get to a customer. To help reduce cost, the company recommends customers opt for consolidating packages.

HopShopGo shipping charges are calculated using a flat fee for the first half kilogram. Additional half kilograms are set at a lower price. But there are other charges that can add up for customers and HopShopGo refers to these as exceptional activity surcharges. These charges for special deliveries amount to about 5 percent yearly for shipping costs, the company website states.

HopShopGo customers also foot the bill for shipping fragile items that need to be crated to ensure safe arrival at their international destination. These items include gig/flat screen TVs, chandeliers, large porcelain/glass figurines, and mirrors.

And customers have to pay insurance against damage. Crating fees, determined on an individual basis, are given when customers make a request. Crating will also affect the final shipping weight, which will add more cost for service.

Other costs HopShopGo’s customers face include fuel surcharge imposed by the company’s logistics partners. The amount is based on current prices multiplied by the sum of international shipping and any remote area surcharge. Other charges customers have to calculate in their spending include taxes and duties to some countries.

In comparison, Anytime Mailbox, a virtual mail service provider, offers service plans to customers, businesses or individuals at a starting price of $4.98. Customers can opt for features such as open & Scan, forwarding, check deposit, and shredding.

Anytime Mailbox also offers business centers and mail center operators a software platform that their customers can use to access their digital mailbox. The cost for this, the company says, is based on usage. There are not contracts