May 29, 2024

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Five most expensive places to purchase property in the city of London

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Not far from the popular Hoxton neighborhood there is also the residential area of Shoreditch, especially popular among young and modern trendsetters and professionals which is also the clientele frequenting the various bars and clubs lining the high street of Shoreditch and also the other popular areas such as Old Street and Great Eastern Street. There is also numerous upmarket restaurants and other eating places which provides a unique culinary experience which continues to be popular among locals and visitors. There is also noodle bars and coffee shops as well as a smattering of design shops. According to Quick Property Buyer, the average price of upmarket properties is approximately £3.1 million.


Within the city of London there is Clerkenwell with its unique selection of smart apartment blocks many of which is housed in converted warehouses and there are also many popular and successful firms which provides employment for the residents of Clerkenwell. There are also many other unique attractions such as the twice-weekly street-food market hosted by Exmouth Market, numerous indie shops and cafés as well as many other exciting things. There are also the popular food stalls in Leather Lane Market which continues to be a popular eating place among office workers but there are also many clothing retailers. Upmarket properties will sell for £3.4 million.

Northampton Square

There is a beautiful green town square located in a corner of Clerkenwell which is known as Northampton Square. A part of this square is projecting into Finsbury. Northampton Square can be found between Spencer and Percival as well as St. John Streets and Goswell Road. On the north-west side of Northampton Square there is a very broad pedestrian walkway which is flanked by university buildings as well as the main buildings of the University of London. Property in this area may cost as much as £3.7 million.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

The largest public square in the city of London is Lincoln’s Inn Fields which has been established in 1631. One of the primary role players has been the contractor and builder William Newton which himself was followed by many other entrepreneur’s and investors all of which has contributed to the development of London. Actually the original architectural plans involving the laying out and planting of Lincoln’s Inn Fields was done by the hand of Inigo Jones and those original plans was part of the collection of Lord Pembroke at Wilton House in the early 19th century. Properties in this region can cost £5.7 million.

Myddelton Square

Clerkenwell in Central London is home to Myddelton Square which is in fact the largest square in central London but it is also a very popular residential public garden square first established between the 1820s and 1840s. It has many trees with a beautiful playground and most of the houses in the region has been constructed with exposed brickwork most of which is in the Georgian style which has become known for its high-ceilinged spaces especially on the ground and first-floors will. Properties selling quickly in this region will cost approximately £6 million.