May 29, 2024

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Hiring a car accident attorney in Jefferson City: Things to know!

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Auto accidents are not unusual in Jefferson City. Thankfully, Missouri’s laws are claimant-friendly. If you were injured in a car crash in the state, you could file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party to claim compensation. You can do so even when you are more at fault for the crash, but your fault percentage will govern what you get from the settlement awarded. This is called the pure comparative fault rule.

If you want to file a personal injury lawsuit in Jefferson City, you have five years to do so, as per Missouri’s statute of limitations. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait for that long. Crucial evidence may disappear with time, and if you don’t take steps to protect your rights, you may end up with a much lower settlement. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to hire a Jefferson City MO car accident attorney

Make your list of questions

A questionnaire is imperative for interviewing potential accident attorneys. You can ask questions like – 

  • How long have you been practicing in Jefferson City as an attorney?
  • How often do you deal with car accident claims and lawsuits in your practice?
  • Do you have experience representing accident victims at trial?
  • What is your initial assessment of my case?
  • Will you work on this case personally? If not, can I meet your associate?

A good accident lawyer will answer your questions without a pause. It would help to ask them about their work profile, top cases, settlements, and landmark lawsuits. 

Check the reviews

If an accident attorney has great things to say about their work, they will have good reviews. References are unquestionably handy for comparing options, but you need to check what clients have to say about an attorney, for which independent online reviews can be handy. A client is more likely to post a review of a lawyer or law firm if they are too content or displeased with the outcome. 

Know the costs

Unlike family or criminal lawyers, car accident lawyers don’t charge a fixed upfront fee. You have to pay a percentage of your eventual settlement to the attorney, but only if you win. This is also called the contingency fee arrangement, which is typical for most injury lawsuits. It is best to ask the lawyer about their fee in advance. 

You should consult an attorney soon after the accident to get advice for your case.