May 29, 2024

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Why Is Bim Modeling A Revolution In The AEC Industry?

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Creating designs for large-scale buildings is a big challenge. With traditional methods, even the simplest of things can take a lot of time to implement.

It can be a nightmare if there is any kind of mistake or change to be made.

The demand for BIM modeling services has increased substantially in recent years for the innovation and comfort it provides to engineers and architects.

BIM is Building Information Modeling. It is about providing a digital representation of a building in 3D. There is no need to explain how gorgeous 3D looks.

But, it is not just about aesthetics. BIM modeling offers uncountable benefits to engineers and architects, helping to take the AEC sector to a whole new level.

Chemionix offers the best BIM modeling services in the industry. Here are some of the benefits you can get with our BIM modeling services.

1: 3D Visuals

Whether it is films or video games, everything looks better in 3D. Our BIM modeling services can help you get a 3D representation of your concept.

Before you start the construction project, you will have a crystal clear idea of what the building will look like.

You can analyze the design from all angles, zoom in and out, and notice minor details that could have been missed with 2D blueprints.

Also, a 3D model is much easier to pitch to clients who lack the technical background to comprehend highly complex 2D designs. Even a layman can get a complete understanding of what you are trying to say if presented with a 3D BIM model.

2: Collaboration

With traditional 2D drawings on paper, if there was a need to share them with someone far away, the only option was to courier them or send photographs. Then it would further take time to get a response from that person.

With our BIM modeling services, this delay is eliminated. With the latest BIM modeling software, multiple people can work together on the same design in real-time.

The design can also be shared on smartphones, allowing engineers to stay up to date with the latest developments even when they do not have access to a PC.

The entire team can work together on the same design, allowing for better brainstorming and a more efficient workflow.

3: Reduced Errors

Our BIM drafting services use the best software that provides intelligent design analysis and automatically detects any potential errors and clashes.

With 2D designs, it can be difficult to check if any two elements are clashing with each other.

Our BIM modeling software does this with ease and highlights any potential clashes.

You can mitigate all risks before you start the construction process.

4: Cost Efficient

As the design process becomes streamlined, any unnecessary elements can be removed before construction.

With 2D drawings, it can be difficult to predict which parts are unnecessary.

As 3D makes the design more expansive and detailed, the construction process becomes more specific and errors are reduced. The chances of indulging in unnecessary reworks also go down as everything is very well planned.

This leads to less wastage of raw materials and reduces the overall project cost.

You can lower the insurance costs and decrease the opportunities for claims.

5: Safety

Our BIM modeling services analyze the design for any potential risks ahead of time.

This reduces the chances of any worker sustaining a physical injury.

6: High-Quality Work

With all of these benefits offered by our BIM modeling services, the quality of the final outpost goes up.

You can make highly-accurate designs and plan the construction process in a highly efficient way while reducing cost, risk, and wastage.

As many people can work together on a single project, it allows intelligent minds to brainstorm together and produce a better output.


There is no doubt that BIM modeling is a revolution in the AEC industry.

With its advanced 3D models and real-time collaboration, it has become the preferred choice of engineers for planning large-scale projects.

At Chemionix, we offer the best BIM outsourcing services in the industry for all projects, including residential, commercial, and healthcare projects.

Our talented team of engineers specialize in architectural and MEP BIM modeling services using Revit and ArchiCAD software.

Contact us and let us work on your BIM modeling project.