May 29, 2024

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Workplace discrimination- how to avoid it? 

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 Discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, and status is quite common, even today. Such discrimination can happen anywhere, be it in a public place or your workplace. Most employers try their level best to prevent such discrimination from happening at their organization but even after that the cases of unfair treatment, and biases towards certain groups or individuals due to various factors are not an exception. However, just because a particular company is paying you a certain amount doesn’t mean that you have to suffer mentally. Also, you can avail workers compensation benefits for workplace violence. Below are some of the measures and steps that you can take to prevent discrimination in workplace:

  • Get familiar with anti-discrimination laws: The definition of discrimination can vary from one place to another and therefore, it is important that you carefully read and understand its meaning in the area where your company is located. To make things easier, consult an employment lawyer who will help you get familiar with the regional laws.
  • Educate all your workers regarding discrimination: In many places, it is mandatory for employers to organize anti-discriminatory programs from time to time. This ensures that all employees get familiar with the rules and regulations of the company and also regarding the procedures and policies that one can take to prevent unfair treatment of the employees. They should be very well aware of the outcomes of discrimination and legal actions that can be initiated against them.
  • Organize team building exercises: In an environment where everybody is competing against each other, it is quite essential to hold certain activities that will help employees interact with each other and also understand one another. Such events not only make employees get familiar with one another but also encourage diversity and a healthy atmosphere.
  • Be proactive and do not suffer: Whenever you feel discriminated against at a workplace, make sure you report such inappropriate, abusive, harassing behavior either to your supervisor, the manager, or the concerned authorities. If you keep the matter to yourself, it will boost the confidence of the accused and he will keep on repeating such behavior in the future.

The place where you work should be safe and healthy. Your colleagues and seniors should accept you for who you are and for that, it is very important to raise awareness and understanding regarding discriminatory behaviors at the workplace through acceptance and understanding, and by taking certain proactive measures.