May 29, 2024

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Roof Leaks: Can A Wooden Structure Be The Answer?

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One of the most common problems inside homes is leaking roofs which can be figured out by best contarctors. In the rainy season, they can cause from minor inconveniences to serious consequences, such as the emergence of mold and the need for expensive and laborious renovations. Therefore, they should not be treated carelessly. It is necessary to know the causes and remedy them as soon as possible, to avoid high expenses and to take preventive measures so that this does not happen again.

One factor that makes this disorder possible may be the wooden structure in the building. In this article, we will explain the emergence of leaks, how to find them, their relationship with wood, and give you some tips to stop them. So, read carefully until the end to avoid headaches!

How Do Roof Leaks Arise?

The causes are diverse, so care must be taken to solve the right problem. The most common are broken and shifted shingles, hydraulic leakage, and the poor roof slope. Another factor is poor water drainage. All roof structures must be in proper working order.

How Is It Possible To Detect Them?

In old buildings, there is not much error. The drops will fall from the ceiling, and you will know there is a leak. However, in more modern works, this obvious sign may not appear. In new buildings, we have some types of covers that can absorb water, so there will be no drips. But other signs such as stains and moisture caused by infiltration appear. The ideal is to be aware of these signs and act as soon as possible.

What Should I Do?

The saying “better safe than sorry” has great application within construction. The most appropriate thing is to carry out preventive maintenance to check the situation of your roof and detect possible risks or call the help of commercial roofing services. When the problem has already arisen, it is essential to remember never to climb on the roof. The risk of breakage or another type of accident is high, and professionals should do this work. To find out if there is any shingle displaced, climb somewhere high, safe, and with a good view of the top of your house.