May 29, 2024

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Guide: How To File VAT Returns In The Least Time Possible

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The best way to file your VAT returns in the least time possible is through the online tax filing system. These online systems are full-proof, technically easy to operate, and business-friendly for small businesses too.

The UK government has already rolled out the making tax digital initiative, which allows for quarterly tax filing service through the online software portal. This type of tax system is the most advanced online tax filing system devised in the world, where you don’t need to worry about the yearly tax filing troubles, and you get time for any non-paid taxes for any quarter in the next one.

How To File VAT Returns Faster?

You need to understand what VAT is and how it is calculated so that you can manage your finances in a better way for early VAT returns. VAT is a type of tax paid by the producers and manufacturers of the goods and services to the government. This tax system is levied at every stage of the production of goods and services. With this system at place, the taxing regime becomes more efficient and transparent for both the government and businesses.

With the online system in place, businesses can file their taxes online without any worry of accountants and transactions missing records. The system allows you to record every digital transaction as a digital record in the cloud storage, and you can access those records at any time and anywhere. This way you can find out any missed information in your accounting system, and save the right amount of money for your taxes in the coming months.

After a particular threshold, businesses need to pay VAT over the threshold amount to the government. Let’s understand how to file faster VAT online.

How To File VAT Tax Online?

The government authorities, in charge of collecting taxes, provide businesses with the registered number like TIN number, GST number, etc. with a user ID and password for entering the VAT e-filing system on their portal. Also, businesses can easily contact the online help desk in working hours for connecting directly with customer support, if facing any issues filing taxes.

Such a holistic online tax filing approach makes it easy for businesses to file their taxes in the least possible time.

Before filing your VAT returns, you must remember some important steps mentioned on the government portal page. Here are some prerequisites you need to have:

  • Get your TIN (tax identification number) before starting the e-filing process of VAT. TIN number is given by the tax department to the states, which racks all your tax-related progress online.
  • User ID and password provided by the government authorities when you registered your business with them. You need to change the password given by the government authorities after logging into the system for the first time.
  • Online client software for filing the online VAT returns, as the software accepts the e-filing return data and processes it to XML for upload.
  • All the income and cash flow information needs to be entered into the system accurately. With the income and other data, you need to mention income sources.
  • Also, you need to input all the tax-deductive cash flows and their proofs. This is important for claiming the tax rebate from the government.

After following the above steps, you can easily exit the online software by filling all the required data. Always remember to check the data input, before submitting the final VAT returns.


Filing VAT returns has always been complex for businesses all around the world. But, the technology has provided an online e-filing solution for submitting your VAT returns in the least possible time. You need all the information to be updated in the system, which is possible with the customer support provided by the helpdesk.