July 23, 2024

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Importance of Starting a Pt at Indonesia

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Do you want to start a business in Indonesia? If yes, you need to understand the structure of a PT company in Indonesia. PT stands for Perseroan Terbatas, a limited liability company whose capital is separated into shares and the obligation of investors is dependent on the number of shares that the individual holds.

Luckily, since the start of 2016, the system of setting up a PT at Indonesia has been ceaselessly rearranged. What’s more, this is the process of registering a company in Indonesia.

Sizes of a PT Organization

In the wake of understanding what the PT organization is, you ought to realize that building up a PT Indonesia needs some cash as your business capital. The sum is different, however, for the most part, it begins from IDR50 million to more than IDR10 million. In light of this measure of capital, PT organization in Indonesia is classified into three sizes:

Small: above IDR50 million to IDR500 million

Medium: above IDR500 million – 10 billion

Large: above IDR10 billion

Significant things to get ready

There are some important things you need to get ready if you need to set up a PT Indonesia. First thing first, you need to set the structure of the Articles of Association of the Limited Liability Company as the fundamental information.

You additionally need to make the deed of the foundation to the Notary, which includes:

  • Company name (get ready in any event three name alternatives)
  • Complete information and name of the organization’s beneficiaries
  • The measure of the approved capital of the organization
  • Location of the company
  • Data of Board of Directors and Commissioners
  • Goals and Mission of the organization
  • Shareholder information, including paid-up capital
  • The TAX ID Number of the Board of Directors and Commissioners
  • The character card of the organization’s originators
  • Power of Attorney if the foundation of the organization is to be approved

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